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Major UK Internet Issues

By | 16:39 31 May 2012

31/5/2012 16:35 About 30 minutes ago we started to see loss to numerous external and internal sites. Upon investigation it appears that the following external networks are all experiencing issues: 1) LINX Juniper 2) LINX Extreme 3) Datahop We have routed traffic around the problems where we can, however please expect problems with connectivity to… Read More »

Traffic issues

By | 16:52 28 May 2012

We are currently experiencing an outage on our LINX Juniper port and some knock on effects on one of our LONAP ports, this is leading to traffic loss to certain other UK ISPs. We are investigating.   Update 17:02 – LONAP have confirmed that another member had a looped port and that port security wasn’t… Read More »