Power outage affecting customers at Attleborough and Hemdale

By | 15:46 10 February 2017

We have been alerted to a loss of power at one of our master cabinets, which feeds several other sites.  The UPS batteries have been exhausted and the cabinet has now lost power entirely.  The affected sites are:

  • CMNUN88 Attleborough Industrial Estate
  • CMNUN101 Attleborough Industrial Estate
  • CMNUN107 Hemdale Business Park
  • CMNUN74 Attleborough Industrial Estate

An engineer is en route with a generator and should be on-site around 16:00, depending on traffic.  We are also raising the power loss issue with the local provider.

2 comments on “Power outage affecting customers at Attleborough and Hemdale

  1. Andy Hicks Post author

    An engineer from the power supplier is also en route to the affected cabinet to investigate.

  2. Andy Hicks Post author

    Our engineer has reached the cabinet and restored power, services should be coming back online in the next few minutes once the equipment has finished booting.

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