Power outage affecting customers at Holly Farm Business Park

By | 09:27 30 September 2017

There is currently a power outage affecting our Holly Farm POP.  The equipment on-site is running on UPS power, which is currently providing continuity of service for any customers with power (or those at other locations served from this POP).  The batteries are expected to provide power until approximately 10:00.  If mains power has not been restored by this time, the equipment will lose power and the site will suffer a total loss of service.

3 comments on “Power outage affecting customers at Holly Farm Business Park

  1. Andy Hicks Post author

    We have confirmed that the landlord of the site is aware of this outage. A backup generator is being deployed and power will be restored at approximately midday at the latest.

  2. Andy Hicks Post author

    The UPS batteries have been exhausted and the equipment in the POP is now offline. Once power is restored, the equipment will recover and services will be restored.

  3. Andy Hicks Post author

    Power was restored to our equipment at approximately 12:30, all customer services should now be back online.

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