Mains Power Outage affecting Stratton Business Park

By | 10:46 24 January 2018

Our monitoring has alerted us to a loss of mains power for customers connected to Cabinet SMBWD18, which also supplies SMBWD23 at Stratton Business Park. Cabinet SMBWD18 is currently on backup UPS power, Our monitoring is showing there is approximately 20 minuets before the Backup UPS Battery is exhausted.

We will post further updates as we have them.

4 comments on “Mains Power Outage affecting Stratton Business Park

  1. Mark Hall

    We have been advised that this is a mains power issue in the area that UK Power are currently investigating. Their current Estimated time to fix is 11:30am

  2. Andy Hicks

    The power distribution company advise that the issue should be resolved, however our cabinets remain offline. We have an engineer en route to investigate, his ETA at the cabinet is 14:00. Further updates will be provided as we receive them.

  3. Andy Hicks

    Our equipment has come back online and all services should now be restored. This has occurred without intervention from our engineer, suggesting that the power issue had not in fact been resolved as earlier reported.

  4. Mark Hall

    Power was restored to our cabinets at approximately 13:44. Service was restored shortly after.

    If you are still experiencing issues please reboot your router. If service is has not been restored at that point please call our support team on 02476 998998 who will be able to assist.

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