6 comments on “Issues affecting VoIP calls

  1. Andy Hicks Post author

    The carrier has confirmed that they are experiencing network problems, this is currently being investigated

  2. Andy Hicks Post author

    This issue is currently being investigated as a high priority by the carrier. WarwickNet’s support number is currently also affected by this outage; tickets can still be raised via e-mail to support@warwicknet.com, but we would respectfully ask customers affected by this VoIP issue not to e-mail, as this is a wide outage that is already under investigation. Further updates will be posted to this page as we receive them from the supplier.

  3. Andy Hicks Post author

    Outbound calls are now being routed via an alternative carrier, however inbound calls are still affected by the outage. We are awaiting further updates from the carrier regarding this widespread issue.

  4. Andy Hicks Post author

    The carrier has confirmed that this is a major service outage and is still under investigation by their engineers.

  5. Andy Hicks Post author

    The carrier has confirmed partial restoration of service and we are now seeing test inbound calls connecting successfully. We are awaiting confirmation of a full restoration of service from the carrier, so service should still be considered “at risk” and may be subject to further sporadic interruptions whilst the issue is still under investigation.

  6. Andy Hicks Post author

    Our carrier believes the issue to be completely resolved, we are awaiting a report of the incident. If you wish to receive a copy of our incident, please e-mail support@warwicknet.com and we will add you to the list of recipients for the RFO.

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