Loss of service at London Road Industrial Estate

By | 19:31 11 April 2018

We have been alerted to a repeat of the loss of service affecting customers at London Road Industrial Estate in Newbury (THNU52 and THNU79).

There are no confirmed power outages in the area, this is being investigated as a priority.

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  1. Andy Hicks Post author

    A WarwickNet engineer is en route to the cabinet to investigate this repeat outage and is due on-site at approximately 21:00.

  2. Andy Hicks Post author

    The street cabinet has no incoming power and appears to have suffered some minor damage due to a vehicle impact. The fault is being raised with the electricity supplier.

  3. Andy Hicks Post author

    The vehicle damage to the cabinet appears to be unrelated; the electricity supplier has confirmed that they are investigating an issue with power that has been reported to be affecting another industrial unit near to the cabinet and an engineer is due on-site at 21:30.

  4. Andy Hicks Post author

    The SSE engineer has identified a suspected cable fault that caused a 400A fuse in the local substation to blow. Earlier faults within the last 48 hours were temporarily resolved by replacing the fuse, but this is no longer an option. The fault will need to be investigated by a jointing team, further updates to follow.

  5. Andy Hicks Post author

    The SSE engineer has now left site; a repair team will be dispatched to investigate the line fault. This is expected to occur tonight but we do not have an ETA for their arrival. Once mains power is restored, the equipment in our cabinet will automatically boot and service should be restored shortly thereafter.

  6. Andy Hicks Post author

    SSE confirm that the fault was resolved overnight and we see our equipment as coming back online shortly after 03:00.

    If you are still experiencing issues, please contact WarwickNet support.

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