Loss of service affecting sites in Gloucestershire

By | 04:55 14 April 2018

We have been alerted to a loss of service affecting customers at the following locations in the Gloucestershire area:

  • SSGLR81 (Madleaze Industrial Estate)
  • SSGLR106 (Ashville Industrial Estate)
  • SSGLR93 (Bristol Road Industrial Estate)
  • SSGLR135 (Shepherd Road)
  • SSHWK14 (Olympus Park)
  • SSHWK21 (Waterwells Business Park)

We believe that this is due to a loss of power at SSGLR81, which supplies connectivity to the other sites.  This is being raised with the electricity supplier.

4 comments on “Loss of service affecting sites in Gloucestershire

  1. Andy Hicks Post author

    The electricity supplier, Western Power, do not have any corroborating reports of power issues in the area. This issue may need to be investigated by a WarwickNet engineer in case the issue is with equipment in our cabinet. Further updates to follow.

  2. Andy Hicks Post author

    A WarwickNet engineer will attend site to investigate in the morning, this post will be updated with an ETA once the engineer is en route.

  3. Andy Hicks Post author

    A WarwickNet engineer attended site at approximately 10:00 and discovered that there is in actuality a wide power cut affecting the area including our cabinet at SSGLR81. Engineers from WPD are already on site, but advise that this is an underground cabling fault that will require excavation work to resolve. As such, they are estimating that the fault may take up to 10 hours to resolve. Once power has been restored, our equipment should automatically power up and restore service.

  4. Andy Hicks Post author

    We have just seen our equipment come back online; this is well ahead of the estimated time to restore service provided by WPD, so we consider these sites to be “at risk” until we receive confirmation from WPD that the fault has been cleared.

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