Repeat loss of service at London Road Industrial Estate

By | 20:38 14 April 2018

We have been alerted to a further repeat of the loss of service affecting customers at London Road Industrial Estate in Newbury (THNU52 and THNU79).

This is being raised with the electricity supplier again.  A formal complaint has already been lodged with the supplier over this unacceptable situation and the repeated interruptions to service.

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  1. Andy Hicks Post author

    SSE have not had independent verification of an outage in the area, but on our insistence they are sending an engineer to investigate. We will update this post with further details as we receive them.

  2. Andy Hicks Post author

    An SSE engineer is due on site at approximately 22:30

  3. Andy Hicks Post author

    The first response SSE engineer has been unable to restore service. A cable repair team is due on-site at 01:00 with an aim to restoring service by 05:30.

  4. Andy Hicks Post author

    Service has been restored to the cabinet but the repair team have not been able to identify the location of the suspected cable fault. A WarwickNet engineer is due to attend site later today (15/04/18) as we believe it may be possible to reduce the number of pieces of active equipment in the cabinet. This will not resolve the underlying issue, but will reduce the chances of a prolonged outage in case of future interruptions to power, due to removing two pieces of equipment that may not reboot cleanly after power loss. Discussions with SSE are ongoing about resolving the underlying power issue.

  5. Andy Hicks Post author

    SSE relayed information that indicates that the underlying fault may have been identified. A regional team manager had attended site and identified that an unused circuit appeared to be tripping and causing the fuses in the circuit to our cabinet to blow. This circuit has now been taken out of commission and SSE believe that this should resolved the problem.

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