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Issues affecting customers hosted in London Telehouse East.

Emergency maintenance in 3 London sites

By | 14:09 01 January 2014

We have just discovered a fault affecting our core routers in 3 of our main London sites: Telehouse East, Telehouse North and Interxion.   The fault should be non customer-impacting at this stage and has now been corrected, but 3 of our core routers are still in a bad state.  Cisco have advised we should… Read More »

Telehouse North Maintenance

By | 17:56 15 August 2012

16/8/2012 – 22:30 to 01:00 During the above timeslot we will be, at Ciscos request, replacing our entire 7600 chasis in Telehouse North. The hardware swap will be like for like with the same configuration applied. We expect customers served from Telehouse North to be impacted for around 20 minutes. Customers connected at other sites… Read More »

Slow network issues this evening

By | 21:01 05 March 2012

Around 19.50 this evening (5/3/2012) one of our customers suffered a large DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, this caused some congestion on certain parts of our network, causing a slowdown for some customers. We have now identified the offending traffic and are in the process of addressing the problem. We would like to apologise… Read More »

Telehouse East Emergency Maintenance Tonight

By | 17:33 02 November 2011

2/11/2011 – 23:30 to 01:00 During the above timeslot we will carrying out emergency maintenance at our Telehouse East pop. This is due to a fault, identified by Cisco, on one of our supervisor cards and they are recommending immediate replacement. We will begin to bring down sessions on the affected router at 23:30, with… Read More »

Problems with certain websites

By | 11:53 19 October 2011

We are receiving reports of users not being able to access certain external websites this morning, such as The Guardian, Daily Mail, these websites predominently appear to be hosted with Akamai. We are investigating the problems and will report back shortly. UPDATE: We have narrowed this down to an Akamai issue on their LONAP port,… Read More »

Maintenance Tonight – Peering network migration

By | 13:25 29 September 2011

29/9/2011 21:00 to 00:00 During the above time we will be migrating one of our LONAP (London Access Point), and one of our LINX (London Internet Exchange) connections to our new router in Telehouse East. This work is part of our current big network upgrade program. LONAP and LINX are two of the peering networks… Read More »

External connectivity issues

By | 10:30 11 July 2011

We have a number of customers from all sites reporting problems visiting certain destinations this morning. We are investigating the reports and will update here shortly. Update: Any earlier outage on LONAP caused a knock on effect on one of BGP routers, causing us to lose routes to certain destinations. We have restarted the affected… Read More »